Try new things and expect to fail

What a weekend it has been!

Aubrey and I spent the last few days in Paso Robles at the Small Farm Conference. We have learned so much about regenerative agriculture and had the opportunity to meet with small farmers from all over California. We came away feeling inspired and motivated to change a few things about our little farm.

We sat in on a panel about integrating livestock with crops, and a member of the audience asked what piece of advice the panelists could give to a new farmer. The response was simple and profound:

“Fail. Fail again, and keep on failing.” –Nathan Stuart, Tablas Creek Vineyard

We will keep learning and growing. We will keep trying new things, and some of those things will inevitably fail. We are looking forward to this learning process.

One new thing we had a chance to try (that was most decidedly NOT a failure) has become my new favorite dessert!

Photo courtesy of I ate mine way too fast to get my own photo.

I want to introduce you to vanilla ice cream drizzled with basil infused olive oil!

Aubrey warns me not to oversell it, so the following is likely un understatement:

This stuff is life-changing!

Seriously, the oils adds a wonderful flavor and texture to the creaminess of the ice cream, and both really shine!

I am surprised by how much I like it. I never would have thought to do it. THAT is the power of networking with people with diverse experiences and trying new things. Ice cream with olive oil is the result of looking failure in the face and going for it anyway.

We are excited for the upcoming year. We plan to fail, because we know that the result of experimentation is ultimately something as awesome as my new favorite dessert.

And if you want to try it with us, I will be getting the oil. Bring some ice cream and we’ll put it all together to make something amazing.

That’s really what it’s all about.

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