About Us

There is a story you should know…

Growing up on a dairy farm in central Utah, I learned early the value of hard work and the satisfaction (and frustrations) of working with cattle. As a high school student, I applied for and received a youth agricultural loan and bought a small herd of 20 beef cattle. I was hooked immediately and thus began a 20 year love affair with cattle and the people who work them.

We breed, raise, and sell miniature Hereford cattle. This breed was selected for its size, hardiness, and temperament. The small to medium sized cattle work well for small acreage and backyard farmers.

We also raise chickens, turkeys, and geese for their eggs and meat. We have a variety of breeds, and there is an effort to focus mainly on heritage breeds. At the Walking P Ranch, we value our farm and ranch heritage and choose to help preserve some genetics that may be lost without a few dedicated breeders.

We love to talk livestock, and we would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have.