What is the difference between miniatures and full size cattle?

On the surface, the answer seems obvious. Miniatures are smaller. However, this means miniatures also eat less, making them less expensive to feed. They produce less mess, so there is less cleanup. We have found they are also very easy on fences and equipment.

Can you deliver, even if I am nowhere near Brawley, CA?

Of course! Within a few weeks of starting, I had made a 12 hour trip to Colorado for some heifers, and  I would do it again. Just let me know where you are, and I can write a shipping quote for you.

Is it true only bulls have horns?

No. Both cows and buls can grow horns, although some are naturally polled (hornless). Most of the stock on the Walking P will grow horns, but I can dehorn them for you upon request.

How much should I feed my miniature Herefords?

The cows on the Walking P Ranch are fed a high quality alfalfa/grass hay. They are fed 2.5-3 lbs of hay/100 lbs of body weight per day. For example, a 500 lb animal would require 12.5-15 lbs of high quality hay daily.

Do miniature Herefords make good pets or backyard animals?

If you insist on having a cow in your backyard (and I do), then a miniature is a great choice! They require less feed and less space than their full size counterparts. Our calves are all socialized with people from birth, and so they are used to having people around. Our herd sire, Duramax, is very friendly and loves his back scratched before breakfast. He passes that docility to his offspring. We have found they are also very easy on fences.

How do I pick the breed that is right for me?

Why do you want cows? Do you want fresh milk? Do you want to teach your children responsibility? Grow your own backyard beef?

Herefords are a beef breed, meaning they have been selected for beef production. Milk production is sufficient to raise a calf, but you won’t have any left over. They will make excellent beef, however. Herefords are usually quite docile, and that is a trait we continue to breed for on the ranch. They are also great tools for teaching kids responsibility.

Whatever your reasons for considering cattle, a little research on the various breeds will go a long way. We are always here to answer questions about breed differences, and I will do my best to help you get the right breed for you.

Should I buy registered or unregistered stock?

What are your goals for your breeding program? Unless you want to become a seedstock producer, unregistered stock should be just fine. All of our animals are 100% purebred Herefords, but some are registered and some are not. The registered animals tend to be a bit more expensive, but there are certified purebred by the American Hereford Association.

How much space does a miniature Hereford need?

If you are going to graze your Hereford, you will need at least a couple acres of good quality grass. If you plan on feeding hay, the requirements are quite a bit less. As long as the animal has room to move and run around a bit, they will be quite happy as long as they are fed.